Jacob's "View from the Street" Thrives in Mumbai, India

Jacob's "View from the Street" Thrives in Mumbai, India
Laura Rumpf - Wed Mar 24, 2010 @ 07:58AM
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What We See authors Rahul Srivastava and Matias Echanove have re-envisioned the so called 'slums' of Mumbai India through the eyes of Jane Jacobs in a special feature for the New York Times entitled "Taking the Slum Out of Slumdog".


The pair applies Jane's logic that "involvement is the way to appreciation" of a community to make a compelling case for the preservation of the so-called 'slum' of Dharavi. Praising the community's organic development in recent history, Echanove and Srivastava say "...you dignify the neighborhood and the people will reorganize themselves around that. Improving space is legitimizing space."
"If Jane Jacobs was alive today, she would love Dharavi because it's the street life that is the trigger for development," adds Echanove.
The article's author captures the theme of What We See beautifully, noting, "[Jane's] point of view continues to shine through the practice and activism of many like Echanove and Srivastava the world over"

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Srivastava and Echanove's paper, "The Village Inside: From Mumbai to Tokyo and Back"will be featured in What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs in May.

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