How Jane Jacobs Can Still Take On New York City

How Jane Jacobs Can Still Take On New York City
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by Mike JoyceGraphic designer Mike Joyce of Stereotype Design launched a Fall 2009 campaign focusing on the neighborhood he calls home. The campaign (for now) consists of postcards and t-shirts that are not a personal attack against Marc Jacobs, but rather a statement that begs the question of using common sense; business chains that seemingly overpopulate neighborhoods and oust small businesses give these areas much identity and character. Joyce says, "...there is of course a place for Marc Jacobs in the Village but six stores on two blocks?! Come on, the person that argues for that has no individuality."

New York City's Greenwich Village exudes individuality and it is arguably different from the rest of New York City. Affectionately dubbed "The Village," the area was once home to Jane Jacobs herself. Here you can find many places to spend more time than money as an ordinary pedestrian. The Village is comprised of a slew of coffee shops, cafes, bookstores, creative hubs and other small businesses.

When asked by blogger Jeremiah Moss about the impetus for this guerrilla campaign that evokes questions regarding the gentrification of The Village, Joyce had this to say: "I guess what finally did it for me was watching about twenty of my favorite restaurants going out of business or being driven out by rents doubling and tripling. This is a sad and direct effect of the franchises like Starbucks, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs moving in."
Joyce's campaign definitely reflects the idea that what we see can inform the process of transformation and the need for common sensical practice.

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