A Call For Community Support

A Call For Community Support
Lynne Elizabeth - Wed Dec 18, 2013 @ 10:30AM
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As an advocate of What We See, your engagement in the community has kept the conversations real and your purchases of our books have kept our mission alive. However, book sales alone, cover half the publishing costs, the other half comes from funding. Thats why, in a bid to underwrite the next year of publishing, What We See’s publisher, New Village Press is calling all well-wishers, enthusiasts, advocates & patrons to join their Community Supported Publishing!

Support us in building vibrant, healthy and compassionate communities. Celebrate and reward the ingenuity and compassion of people rebuilding society. Help make the world a better place. Enable New Village Press to continue its work—the kind of specialized publishing commercial publishers fail to risk—and join the creative, citizen-initiated, social transformation movement. Together, we can lift society out of stuck places in ways that argument, armies, and legislation can never accomplish.

Please help spread the message and/or place your contribution here.

Comments: 2


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